Midnight Oil join the struggle to defend the Amazon Reef

Photo by Oliver Eclipse

Photo by Oliver Eclipse

The Australian band lead by Peter Garrett performed a pocket gig on board the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in May, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The campaign highlights the current exploration plans of oil companies, such as TOTAL and BP, that could put at risk this new and unique marine biome still unknown.

The gathering was a result of a happy coincidence: while the Rainbow Warrior had been in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Greenpeace Brazil and support the Amazon Reef campaign, Midnight Oil  was in town to present  “The Great Circle World Tour”. At the deck of the ship, full of crew members and volunteers, the band played hits such as “Say Your Prayers”, “Sometimes” and “Beds are Burning”. 

About the Amazon Reef

In the far north of Brazil, where the Amazon River flows and meets the ocean, there is a newly discovered natural treasure. A hidden reef system in a region where no one thought it was possible. Almost no light reaches the reef because the sea surface is mostly muddy water brought by the Amazon River. Therefore, finding a reef with a complex marine life there was unlikely.

In January, a team of experts, including several oceanographers who announced the discovery of the reef last year, have joined the Greenpeace ship Esperanza on an expedition to document this new biome,  with 9,500 m², it  is located within French Guyana and  the Brazilian state of Maranhão, an area larger than  the city of London. 

The team was searching in a submarine launched from the Esperanza at 220  meters depth, more than 100 kilometers far from the Brazilian coast, when the reef was seen for the first time.
This treasure is already under threat. Oil companies Total and BP could start drilling in this area if they obtain authorization from the Brazilian government. 

Midnight Oil

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