Clark shares 'Peak Magnetic' video

Clark has revealed the music video for ‘Peak Magnetic’. The topsy-turvy, vertigo-inducing video unrolls with the momentum of the track and dancers Kiani del Valle and Sophia Ndaba who are currently touring with Clark and his awe inspiring live show featuring the choreography of Melanie Lane.

The video is directed by Sander Houtkruijer. Sander has risen to prominence via visuals for artists like Floating Points and Matias Aguayo. He says of the video:

“I wanted to create a distinct world that these two characters inhabit, but at the same time showing that this world is their own creation. This world has no traceable origin, but is more like a 3D test rendering, a kind of map, or template, both for itself and for other worlds outside of it. Also in accordance with Clark’s music, I wanted it to throw together different, seemingly opposing elements, like synthetic vs organic and live-action vs animation, and see how they can contrast with each other, and at some points, sync together, to create a new whole in which all these tensions dissolve.”

Death Peak, released last month has proven to be one of his most lauded to date. It deftly weaves together the various threads of his extensive work, intertwining euphoric melodies and visceral rhythms of warehouse rave with newer vocal and choral elements.