Garry Campbell (Rust) Interview

Punk is something that has survived the ages of trends and fads. Sure, the sub genres have come and gone, boasting massive popularity for bands, then waning as swarms of copycats dilute the magic that started it all. However, underneath all of that is the true core of Punk. Community, aggression, a place to belong, and a podium to speak your mind. These are the foundations upon which Sydney based Rust have built their legacy. With a career spanning over a decade, backed up by four official releases and a fifth on the way, along with touring around the world several times over, the band show no signs of giving up their true punk pedigree as they prepare to embark on their third New Zealand Tour. Vocalist Garry Campbell took some time to speak to Libel about touring the world, waving the flag for Aussie music, and...umm... Toilet Seats?

Heading over to New Zealand for the Punk It Up festival at Auckland's Kings Arms, as well as a few of their own shows in Hamilton and Wellington, Rust are bringing their intense blend of Old School Punk mixed with Aussie Pub Rock with full force. “We're very, very lively on stage” Campbell states proudly. “Not to sound like a f*cking w*nker, but we kick arse on stage. We get up there, we make a big effort, you know?” Sometimes that high energy has it's downfalls as well, as we discovered as our conversation delved into the depths of on-stage injuries. “We don't know what's gonna happen next, you know? Sometimes I'll end up with a guitar in the side of the head, you know, who knows? We're pretty manic up there and we pay for it the next day.”

The band pulls their live inspirations from the many influences they've been fortunate enough to see in their prime throughout Australia. “We've got a big Rock and Roll influence as well, you know. Through Motorhead, and The Angels, and Rose Tattoo and AC/DCas well. We're probably old enough that we were able to enjoy those bands live as well – so they've been a bit of an inspiration to us as well.” It's these influences that Campbell attributes to Rust's success as a point of difference, not just here, but throughout Europe and the UK as they build their fan base abroad. “We don't want to be jammed into one pigeon hole either, you know what I mean? We really do have a mixed crowd right across the board. When you look out, we've got Japanese Psychobillies at our shows, metalheads, skinheads, punks, all kinds you know, and that's what we want. We want to cross boundaries and mix it up a bit. As long as everyone's having a good time.

It's not just the Southern Hemisphere that's been blasted by Rust's insane live shows, Europe and England have had their fair pummelling as well. With numerous tours taking them to far away lands such as Prague, in the Czech Republic – somewhere the band never thought they'd play. “We had a flat above the bar, that's what the venue gave us for accommodation, it was this flat in Prague. And the venue was just pumping, people trying to talk to you afterward and you couldn't understand, and it was really hot – we sold out of everything. I ended up wearing a Rust shirt because I sweat a fair bit afterward so I just grabbed a new one off the merch thing and it was the last one. Anyway, I ended up selling it to a dude off my back!”.

Rust will be bringing their thunderous live sound to New Zealand this week, playing:

Thursday 6th April – Valhalla, Wellington

Friday 7th April – Nirvara Lounge, Hamilton

Saturday 8th April – Kings Arm, Auckland – Punk It Up Festival

To hear more of Garry's stories from the road, including how he acquired the coolest toilet seat ever, listen to the full interview below.


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