French beat maker ONRA set for two NZ shows

Over the past decade, ONRA has staked his claim as one of the most exciting beat-makers in the world – and this May, he's heading back to NZ.

ONRA (Arnaud Bernard) is a French producer based in Paris, whose weapon of choice is the MPC. Since 2006, Onra has used this instrument to explore the world around him, documenting his journeys with classic records on All City and Fool’s Gold. Perhaps the most renowned of his works is the Chinoiseries trilogy – which began when Onra visited Vietnam to explore his ancestry in 2006. The three-part series culminated this year – with a record that truly captures the depth of Onra’s digging, as well as his own development into a world-class producer.

Alongside this series, Onra has also released a steady stream of sold-out albums and EPs that touch on 80s funk, boogie edits, and even spiritual jazz. These records, and Onra’s emphasis on recreating them live with his trusted MPC, has built him a legion of fans that traverses genre – uniting hip-hop heads, boogie fanatics, and world music explorers. It’s also lead to a relentless touring schedule, which sees him return to Auckland to unify a dancefloor as only he knows how.


Friday 19 May: San Fran, Wellington

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Saturday 20 May: Neck of the Woods, Auckland

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