Cosmic Shambles LIVE

By Eve Cheesmur

Date / Venue: Tuesday April 4th, 2017 - Aotea Centre, Auckland

Take a dash of comedy, a beaker of science and a modicum of music. My hypothesis on this formula: a night of hilariously geeky beats. Conclusion: Cosmic Shambles LIVE is a show that hits all the senses in all the right ways.

English comedian, actor and writer Robin Ince (well known for his BBC radio show ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage”) along with Josie Long (winner of the BBC New Comedy Awards at age 17) hosted an out of this world variety show at Aotea Centre as part of the New Zealand/Australian tour.

The science nerd in me was elated to know that one of the world's top science broadcasters was going to be hitting the stage; Dr Helen Czerski, a UK experimental explosives physicist. She studied things like the acoustics of ocean bubbles (yes, that job exists). Alongside her were some NZ grown future female thinkers and scientists; Dr Siouxsie Wiles & Dr Michelle Dickinson.

The music lover in me was tickled pink listening to Lawrence Arabia and his musical ensemble, which accompanied the action on stage.

The LOL monster in me was overjoyed with cheek aching giddiness at the talented James Nokise & Matt Stellingwerf  (Stellar-worth) as the comedic interludes.

 So, what should you expect with Cosmic Shambles LIVE? Basically a cacophony of some of NZ’s finest comedians, taking the mickey out of life in general. Alongside the comedians are some interesting experiments which sometimes left me with more musings than I had started the evening with. All set on a beautiful stage, with some musical wizardry.

Cosmic Shambles LIVE is tailored to each location, so you’ll be delighted by local artists that perform alongside some of the pinnacles in the science community.  As an added bonus, part proceeds of each show will be going to great charities like Doctors Without Borders.

All 'n all, the show was a big bang.