Street Chant

The 2017 Taite Music Prize takes place tonight, Tuesday April 18th at an invite only event at the Civic Theatre's Wintergarden in Auckland City. Check out all the info concerning this year's Taite Music Prize HERE.

We had the chance to flick nominee Emily Edrossa from Street Chant a few questions ahead of the award. 

How does it feel to be nominated for the Taite Prize?

Not gonna lie, feels good. My mum is happy about it too.

When, where and how long did it take you to record Hauora?

Between 2011-2013 sporadic sessions in my bedroom in Grey Lynn, the house on the cover. Drums were recorded at our practice space downtown and some at Roundhead. I tinkered with it a lot, and was learning pro tools at the time. It was cool to be able to move verses and choruses around, and play with different sounds. Everything was done by end of 2013, 2014 we slowly mixed it, 2015 we agonised and put it on the shelf, 2016 it finally came out. Nightmare. 

You’re up against some strong competition, if the prize doesn’t go your way who would you like to see win?

I really like a lot of the records! Off the top of my head: Lontalius, Aradnha, Shayne Carter, Lawrence Arabia are all records I think are “deserving”. Special shout outs to Djeisan from Leisure who recorded the first Street Chant single! 

What was the most challenging aspect with the recording?

Mental illness. Indecisiveness. Band dynamics and fights. Having limitless time and options. 

Following the Taite Prize, what are your plans for 2017?

I live in LA now (lol) and I am recording my first solo record in a few weeks with my new band over here. Billie and Chris are coming to visit me very soon and we may or may not play a few shows and have a go at finishing some old Street Chant tunes for a laugh.