Endless Boogie announce NZ show

The stone-hard riffing machine that is Endless Boogie return to NZ in April for one Auckland show at the Tuning Fork on Sunday 23rd April.

Their last jaunt here in 2012 saw an epic 59 minute Sister Ray styled  jam with the godfather of New Zealand Stoner rock, Doug Jerebine, which still has those who were there talking in disbelief at the sonic mayhem that ensued.

This time around the band have a secret weapon and occasional member Matt Sweeney (Zwan/Chavez) joining them on tour.

Endless Boogie formed in 1997 and played together for nearly 4 years before Stephen Malkmus coaxed them out of their rehearsal space to open for him in 2001, also including them in Pavement's All Tomorrow's Parties curation in 2010.

They are the four piece that started out as "old man hobby" - psychedelic rock and roll where the last second stretches out forever ... and ever. 

They lock in grooves so tight there's no escape. Endless Boogie jam, then jam some more.

Endless Boogie

Sunday April 23rd: The Tuning Fork, Auckland

Tickets via Ticketmaster