David 'Duck' Barraclough releases new album 'Duckshit'

Photo by Tony Mott

Photo by Tony Mott

New Zealand 2015 Music Hall of Fame inductee for The Exponents, David 'Duck' Barraclough has released his new album, the eponymously named 'Duckshit'.

After enduring a particularly challenging time in his life, the man who gave us The Exponents hits 'La La Lulu' and 'Summer You Never Meant', David 'Duck' Barraclough (while confined to his inner city West Sydney apartment), spent the year writing and recording this dark musical comedy for our listening pleasure.


Hi I'm Duck. I've been known as Duck for as long as I can remember. Actually my given name is David Barraclough. A couple of years ago I tried to get everybody I know to call me David. To their credit everybody tried their best but I had to stop that to save people embarrassment. I hadn't realized how many people had speech impediments. No longer "Hey Duck", it became "hey duu..daavid", sometimes with dribble involved. So I'm back to being kind to people and only having a one syllable title. Not many people know that my full nickname is Duckshit. So this is "Duckshit" a collection if stuff wot I do. Some of it are the best word things wot I ever rit. I dare you to enjoy.