The Map Room to release new album 'Weatherless'

'Hold Me Up To The Sun' is the second single from The Map Room's forthcoming album Weatherless, due for release this Friday April 7th.

A song about perception, perspective, and how we never really know how other people see the world around us, 'Hold Me Up To The Sun' pushes the band's sound in a new direction with its electro-pop drums, layered vocals and swirling analogue synths.

Local director Alex Gandar has created a surreal loop-based video to accompany the track. 

While their self-titled debut album addressed themes of displacement and motion inspired by the duo’s travels through South America, Weatherless explores the struggle and endeavour for clarity and being ‘truly present’, as time relentlessly marches on and we are constantly reminded of our past and future.

Weatherless is full of infectious melodies, experimental production and head-nodding rhythms, pushing the bands sound in new directions while staying true to the foundations laid in their debut.

The Map Room Album Release Show Dates:

Friday 7th April, 8PM - Whammy Backroom, Auckland. w/ Mulholland. Tickets from UTR

Saturday 8th April, 8PM - Meow Wellington. w/ Joe Blossom. Tickets from UTR