Ciaren McMeeken shares 'Which Way Shall We Go?'

Ciaran McMeeken has released Which Way Shall We Go? - the first single from his forthcoming full length album.

Infusing the sounds of a quintessential kiwi summer, the track is grounded by a nostalgic, iconic guitar riff that features throughout.

Written by Ciaran McMeeken and Sam Craven (Rough Trade - London), Which Way Shall We Go? has lyrical content to match the riff - encapsulating what it is to be young, wild and free. 

With it's clear context, the song explores the emotions that come with discovering what the gorgeous backyard of Aotearoa has to offer while falling heart first into a new relationship. 

Recorded at Roundhead Studios, acclaimed producer Greg Haver once again worked his magic to produce a track that allows Ciaran’s warm clean vocals to shine through.

Resoundingly positive, the track is a sign of things to come from the Queenstown-born singer-songwriter.