The Pixies

Photos by Megan Moss

Photos by Megan Moss

By Megan Moss

Artist: The Pixies

Date / Venue: Saturday March 11th, 2017 - Vector Arena, Auckland

 Just for the record, The Pixies rule the world!  So much so I was a little anxious about publicly reviewing last nights show… what if it was a crap performance and I had to write that about my beloved Pixies band? Don’t panic folks... I’m here to tell you categorically, it wasn’t, it didn’t and it ruled the world to the point that I wanted to burst at the seams! My eyeballs may have even leaked a little!

Unfortunately I didn’t see the support act NZ’s Cut Off Your Hands; however many accounts they were well received and I’ve heard many comments that they were a perfect support opening act for The Pixies, Go New Zealand bands and thanks to The Pixies for choosing a kiwi band & supporting New Zealand music!

The audience of all ages (which surprised me a little to be honest), I was expecting to see mainly 30-40 year olds like myself, this was not so, proving yet again The Pixies are still more than relevant, cool, timeless and yes I'd go as far as saying the rule the world!

The audience was completely delirious as Black Francis, Paz Lenchantin, Joey Santiago & David Lovering took the stage at Auckland's Vector Arena, and I'd take a guess at near capacity crowd. A pretty rad looking stage perfectly Pixies, simple, lights, smoke, The Pixies music does all of the talking, I’m glad to see they haven’t become a band that is all about aesthetics & flash stages …. Nice!

WOAH there’s a surprise up first Where Is My Mind... I do absolutely love it when a band comes on and basically knocks you off your feet with a big hit you expect much later in the set, completely setting the scene for the night. The crowd surfers were out in full force, young and old were singing & dancing together (very little cell phones in the air thank fuck) this was magic pixie music indeed.

The Pixies with no greetings or spoken words to the audience all night ploughed through a sensational set list, one after the other of songs all of which were received with gigantic gusto. Interestingly there were no tracks from their Trompe Le Monde album And also missing was I Bleeda pretty popular song here in NZ. A bit of a bummer for an older generation fans like myself; however there were just so many firm favourites from Doolittle, Indy Cindy & of course latest album Head Carrier released last September. The songs were so well received I’d say go so far as saying Head Carrier is a pretty big success with New Zealand fans.

The band have a great onstage rapport and look like they’re really enjoying themselves. No Kim Deal you say…?  Paz totally rocked it… she is now firmly in my heart as much as Kim!  Joey totally pulled out his epic as and when required (& only then), Dave looking a little tired near the end held it together till the end no worries!  Surprisingly, for the in your face nature of the music, the band members stand pretty still onstage choosing to play and immerse themselves in their tunes and playing them bloody brilliantly. There’s no jumping around causing a scene here folks, the music’s’ sounding glorious, loud with the odd moment of messy (as it should) and the odd sound oddity all coming together perfectly, proving yet again The Pixies rule the world!

You know when you’ve just seen a big rock concert, after the show the hordes and masses file outside? Well, this is how I make quite a big judgment on how a show has been received (just so you don’t think I’m biased you see). Generally, at a fairly ok show, folks will either politely file out, calmly keeping to their ‘personal space’ talk amongst their group and head on their way. Last night the throngs were not wanting to leave that recently experienced magic moment in time, the songs still ringing in their ears (literally), eyes wide & babbling at each other….talking their favourite moments over & over with those they had just shared this fabulous experience with. Yes; this show was very well received!

This year so far has been pretty amazing for concerts with some recent heavy weights, The Pixies are absolutely up there for me, maybe they even rule the world! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank-you to The Pixies for all of the music, please come again soon!


Where Is My Mind

Here Comes Your Man

Winterlong [Neil Young Cover]

Blown Away

Mr Grieves

Nimrod’s Son

Indy Cindy

All The Saints


Gouge Away

All I Think About Now


Broken Face

Isla De Encanta


Head Carrier

Monkey Gone To Heaven

Classic Masher

Wave of Mutilation


Might As Well Be Gone

Um Chagga Lagga

Crackity Jones

Bel Esprit



Bone Machine

Into The White [encore]