Bring Me The Horizon

Photos by Leah Victoria

Photos by Leah Victoria

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Bring Me The Horizon

Date / Venue: Friday February 10th, 2017 - Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland

After the unfortunate accident that happened to Oliver Sykes, regarding his acute laryngitis and resulted in the postponement of the show for roughly 4 months, the much anticipated Bring Me The Horizon show got the welcoming of a lifetime.

Opening for BMTH, was one of our own; City Of Souls. Clearly a favourite amongst us kiwis, as the entire crowd were singing each word as if they’d written it themselves. The sound was amazing, I could hear each member of the 6 piece band as if I were on stage with them. After playing their set for roughly half an hour, they took their bow and left with a crowd of cheers behind them.

As soon as that first chord struck, a heard of people barged through the doors and into the crowd. Cheers and applause filled the venue and BMTH ran onto the stage with an array of lights and opening with Happy Song.

This is a band who puts everything they have into a performance, dancing on every spot on the stage, involving the crowd every 10 seconds, smoke machines, lights, confetti, everything!  I did find, the sound wasn’t always 100% as I couldn’t always hear Oli’s voice. But he was screaming as loud as he could! The entire venue was full to the brim and every single person was jumping as high as they could and screaming every word towards the stage - playing favourites such as Drown, Sempiternal, Throne and Can You Feel My Heart.

I had an amazing night, the band played an incredible set that blew me away, thank you to all the staff for helping everything run so smoothly and a huge thank you to BMTH for coming all the way out and performing an incredible show for us!