Concert Review with PHOTOS: Angus and Julia Stone

All Images By Brad Holland

All Images By Brad Holland

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

Date / Venue: Friday December 15th, 2017 - Civic Theatre, Auckland

Siblings Angus & Julia Stone, born and raised in Sydney Australia, formed their folk/indie group in 2006 and have since received many awards including album of the year for Down the Way and single of the year for Big Jet Plane.

Bringing their much-anticipated tour SNOW to New Zealand.

Inside the Civic the interior has a slight Greek style, with vines up the columns, elegant carvings covering the walls, slick red curtains in each booth and a ceiling that presented itself as a starry night.

The theatre were slowly but steadily filling up with fans awkwardly shuffling past people’s legs and taking their seats, drink in hand, settling in.  A loud hum of chatter was filling the Civic as we waited for the opening act to start.

THE TESKY BROTHERS onstage now; started to play their smooth bluesy music and everyone sunk comfortably back in their chair, nodding their heads and moving their shoulders. I was amazed by these talented Musicians, they sounded like a recording, flawless.

The way they presented themselves on stage was a staunch but comfortable ‘I belong here' vibe, interacting with the crowd any chance they got who were giving it right back.  The sound was perfect, clear and loud and no fuzzy noises. The Civic Theatre has to be my favorite venue so far (not just for the amazing beauty), but the quality of the sound and the way it carries through the theatre.

Greeted by screams and cheers ANGUS & JULIA STONE walked onto the stage accompanied by the rest of their band. Opening with the popular Baudelaire, the crowd were happily singing along.

After the first two songs the pair greeted the crowd and thanked them for coming along, which caused the retort of “No thank you!” and “I love you!”.

Angus and Julia continued to perform an incredible show of love and pure talent expressed with their folk/ indie style that suits them to a T.  The pair showed off their musical talent which shows no limits, Julia’s incredible bellowing vocals, playing the trumpet as well but it doesn't stop there, she also plays guitar and bass and that's just what we saw. Angus is just as equally talented, a husky tuneful voice, who can also play guitar, bass and the harmonica. The pair truly belong on stage, they have amazing talent and are mesmerizing to watch dance.

Their band were the cherry on the cake; their bass player James Gilligan was playing two different bass methods at the same time while harmonizing!  Their drummer Daniel Farrugia keeping a nice steady rhythm while harmonizing and I learnt some tricks (putting a tambourine on the hi-hat), Their guitarist guitar player Benjamin Edgar was keeping the ambience alive by bending chords and elongating notes that made you feel like you were drifting out to sea and Jon Hanson on keyboards. They are equally and collectively an amazing talent.

With personal stories about the songs made from heartbreak, they had a great connection with the audience, with each other and with the stage. It was an amazing show to watch.

Ending their show with their song snow their was a downpour of snow that trickled down from the top of the stage around them and applause that carried right through to the encore, performing Harvest, Heartbreak/Yellow Brick and Santa Monica. By now the whole crowd was standing up and singing along with them, Angus and Julia said their final goodbyes, took a bow together and walked off stage.

It truly was an amazing night, Angus and Julia Stone and The Teskey Brothers both put on amazing shows and created a happy chill vibe that lasted all night.

I'd like to thank Angus and Julia Stone and their band for coming and performing for us, to the staff who helped make this night run smoothly and for the fans who came to have a good time!

Set list:


Make it out alive

Cellar door

Heart beats


Wherever you are

Blood hound

Private lawns

Nothing else

For you

Big jet plane

My house



Heartbreak/Yellow brick road

Santa Monica

Date / Venue: Friday December 15th - The Civic, Auckland