Rhythm & Vines

By Teylor Moss

Date / Venue: December 29 - 31: Waiohika Estate, Gisborne

8 people arrested for selling drugs, 3 people hospitalised from drug and alcohol use and many more minor incidents. Ending 2016 with a bang.

To start off the enormous end of year celebration, held in the gorgeous little city of Gisborne,  Name UL (one of our very own) rocked the main stage with a massive support from the crowd who knew every word. During his set I noticed they were getting a lot of feedback through the amp, but Name UL kept going with a clear enticing voice, no wonder he has such a big committed group of fans.

The final act for the first night, headlining Rhythm and Vines, the one and only: Chance The Rapper. I was so dumbfounded when I heard that he was playing the first night, definitely should have been on the last night. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned to look at the crowd and saw thousands of people spread over Waiohika Estate all helping Chance sing one of his most popular tracks ‘Smoke Break’. Being the perfectionist he is, during one of his songs, he stopped the band to re-do one sentence. He aced it, it’s really amazing to see how much he cares about performing the best show he can. One of the best performances I’ve seen.

After sleeping in a car for 3 days without a shower, my friend Laura and I decided to go on a mission to get clean. Somehow ending up in Takarua we met the loveliest lady Sue working in the gas station, who kindly took us to her home and let us use her shower. I want to thank Sue so much for being the most amazing kind hearted person I’ve ever met.

Getting back to the Rhythm side of things, we made it back just in time for Eno x Dirty, drinking Hennessey on stage. It seemed they knew everyone in the crowd, which isn’t too surprising seeing as they sprung out of Auckland's backyard. Eno x Dirty have a hip-hop/ rock vibe to them which has to be one of my favourite combos, making me love them more. Using all of the stage and security/photo pit and strutting around to everyone in the crowd, it’s great to see artists making the most of the stage and making it theirs. One of my favourite acts at R&V, Eno x Dirty bounce off each other so well.

Next we have the infamous Denzel Curry, somehow performing at the Supertop Stage instead of the main stage. It was packed. After a suspenseful dramatic entrance, Curry walked on stage and the crowd lost their minds, jumping onto the poles holding up the tent and shaking them, it looked as if the tent were going to collapse. This set was insane, I loved it. Without a doubt should have been on the main stage though.

Goldlink hits the main stage next and we have a full turnout, this hands down was the craziest set at R&V. Possibly crazier than anything I’ve experienced in a while as arms hair and screams fly everywhere and doesn't stop until Goldlink has finished his set. I was so mesmerised by his ability to rap the fastest smoothest songs with such ease and style, I can see why everyone had to see him, it was amazing.

 Yoko-Zuna take the Supertop stage on the last night, it was a throwback to the 80s and people couldn’t get enough of it! Adding their own spin to the style of the 80s with added funk, insane guitar solos, saxophone screams and trumpet tears. It was a one of a kind act I’ve never seen the likes of before. This band has the best stage presence yet, giving it their all, with style and grace. Would love to see them again.

The final act before the countdown to the new year was ZHU, who have a crazy mysterious vibe, were annihilating the stage. Saxophone and guitar battles keeping you hyped as the clock keeps ticking faster and faster. I couldn’t get enough of this guys Saxophone abilities, soulfully screaming into the new year sky it was a great ending to the year.

Finally the 10 minute countdown came on the screen, overviewing 2016. This had to be the saddest slideshow ever, showing all the fallen stars and all our rising stars. It was an emotional rollercoaster, you should have felt the heat and hatred when Trump was on the screen, I thought a riot was going to break loose.. 3.2.1.. Happy New Year! We have reached 2017 and ready to start a new year with new adventures. Fireworks explode into the sky as everyone cheers to the new year.

Kicking off the new year we have P.Money, who will always put on a good show for people to let loose and go crazy to. Followed by one of our own Scribe, who’s always a good throwback to jam along to. As everyone partied on ‘till the sun rose the first rise of the year, it was the most heartwarmingly beautiful moments seeing the love across the sea of people. One thing I would recommend for next year is to change the porta-loos everyday, there was about 2500 people... was not pretty. Aside from that I had a great time and I can say for everyone else they did too! A huge thanks  to all the artists who came to party ‘till the new year with us and to all the staff/security who helped everything run as smoothly as it did.

See you all in the new year, have an amazing year and stay safe!