The Dirty Projectors to release self-titled new album

After several teases and a couple of new tracks, Dirty Projectors have announced their long-awaited seventh LP.
The self-titled record follows the group’s 2012 LP, Swing Lo Magellan, and is everything we want and expect from Dirty Projectors — but in a way we never could have imagined or anticipated. In a career of surprising conceptual gambits, unexpected stylistic evolutions, and continually changing lineups, Dirty Projectors will deliver another much anticipated piece of work. 
Full track listing of the Dirty Projectors LP is:
1.       Keep Your Name
2.       Death Spiral
3.       Up In Hudson
4.       Work Together
5.       Little Bubble
6.       Winner Take Nothing
7.       Ascent Through Clouds
8.       Cool Your Heart
9.       I See You
With the album announcement comes the release of new song, ‘Up In Hudson’, which is an elegy of sorts – to the Obama years, to a generation of indie rock, and to a relationship. Over the course of nine verses and almost eight minutes, the lyrics situate David Longstreth and his band in the vivid textures of the recent past like a millennial Blood On The Tracks.  It is a piece of epic storytelling unlike anything else in Dirty Projectors’ discography.