Swim Team heading to NZ this February

With summer laying in wait, Swim Team are coming out of hibernation in anticipation. The Melbourne-based four-piece have gained a dedicated following since emerging in early 2015, thanks to their ability to weave crunchy pop with luscious melodies.  

Beginning as an excuse to hang out and share their love for garage pop music away from their other musical projects, guitarist/vocalists, Krystal Maynard (Bad Vision) and Sammy Wass (The Pink Tiles), convinced their friends Esther Sandler (PAPPY) and TJ Day to join them on bass and drums, respectively.  

The four-piece thrived on writing interwoven guitar parts, three-part harmonies and catchy bass lines and recently returned from the studio with their debut works.  

'Holiday', Swim Team’s debut release, is a collection of songs dominated by bold self-reliance, bruised romanticism, and a palpable sense of frustration, building a sound heavily influenced by the 90s inflections of lo-fi indie and jangly pop. Their lightly-harmonized garage lullabies paint a sonic landscape brighter than the January sun. 
Wanting to capture the band’s energy and any happy mistakes, the band recorded the EP live, in shared quarters over a weekend with Tom Hardisty (Chook Race, NUN, Woollen Kits) at Audrey Studios in Coburg. The resulting 6-track EP mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control) is alive with reverbed-up jangle and pop that makes for the perfect soundtrack to summer. 

Swim Team

Thursday 16th February: Valhalla, Wellington - Tickets via Under The Radar

Friday 17th February: Whammy Bar, Auckland - Tickets via Under The Radar

Saturday 18th February: Woodcock 2017: T.M.S Sells Out, Tauranga 

Sunday 19th February: Summer In The Square AOTEA Square, Auckland