Omar-S to play Auckland show

Detroit legend Omar-S [FXHE] is making his New Zealand debut on Friday, 10th March at Whammy Bar. 

There really is no-one quite like Omar-S. For over a decade, his albums and 12"s have been found in the crates of any DJ worth their salt, and his FXHE label has cultivated new house talent such as Kyle Hall, Kai Alce, and Marcellus Pittman. Yet he has done all of this with no PR, no social media campaigns, and no bullshit. If you know, you know. 

Omar-S was born in Detroit, and raised on a heady diet of music and video games. After getting some turntables when he was 12, he turned his hand to production when he was 17. The tracks quickly started stacking up, and so he decided pressed them to wax himself. His early run of 12”s were unique in the dance world, a heady mix of the rough and the sublime, twinkling keys over crushed drums. Soon, his tunes were popping up on dancefloors everywhere. His mix for Fabric (boldly comprised of his own tunes) was deemed Fact Magazine’s 3rd best album for 2009. His most recent full-length, ‘The Best’, dropped last year to critical acclaim, landing at #5 on Mixmag and Resident Advisor’s Album of the Year lists. And he shows no signs of slowing, having already released another three 12”s since the album release.

Outside of his studio productions, Omar-S is one of the modern underground music scenes most exciting DJ’s – which is why we’re so excited to bring him to New Zealand, for one-night only.

Omar-S [FXHE]

Friday March 10th: Whammy Bar, Auckland

Tickets via Just The Ticket