Ruckus Garvey shares music video for 'Chip On My Shoulder'

After a long hiatus from previous chart-topping project Misfits Of Science, Ruckus Garvey is back to capture the springtime vibe in the NZ on Air funded video for Chip On My Shoulder.

Directed by Sani Sagala who’s previous work includes videos for NZ Hip Hop luminaries Smashproof and R&B star Pieter T, Chip On My Shoulder encapsulates the anthemic intention behind the track – to celebrate what we’re good at, to do it up in style, and to kick that all too common tall poppy syndrome to the curb. Shot on location at some of Auckland’s finest skate parks and central city haunts, the video and track inject some much needed carefree 90’s swagger into Spring 2016.

Since dropping at the start of September, the single for Chip On My Shoulder has been added to both Mai FM and Flava rotates, receiving the publicly voted honour of Flava’s ‘People’s Champ’ 2 nights in a row.  Digital plays are also climbing with over 10,000 streams across the major digital outlets over a 7-day period. It’s fair to say that Ruckus Garvey is back in the game.

Chip On My Shoulder is the follow up release to self-funded street single Season, Ruckus’ first release since his Misfits Of Science days. While only intended to be an underground release, Season was embraced by Flava and was selected for Fresh Produce, with the track receiving spot plays on air, requests from listeners, and a Ruckus Garvey page on

Chip On My Shoulder features on the forthcoming EP ‘Soundtrack To A Revolution’, releasing this Summer.