The Better Best Possible Album Party That Anyone Has Ever Been Two set for the Basement theatre

Tyla & Deni$ are back for some sweet #reDempShun in The Better Best Possible Album Party That Anyone Has Ever Been Two at the Basement Theatre this September.

Winners of the 2015 Auckland Theatre Award for Best Entrance, Kate McGill and Frith Horan are back with the followup to last year’s Best Possible Album Party, supported by a dance posse of Auckland’s freshest hip hop talent from local Auckland High Schools.

The Better Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been Two is an entertaining, tongue and cheek look at a highly contested pop music industry, playing at Basement Theatre, September 13-17 at 8pm.

With its bodacious incorporation of original songs, audience interaction and dubious life lessons, Album Party is the concert experience led by two dedicated but unlikely popstars, who sing hip-hop, pop and rap songs about everything from Being True To Who You Are to putting the Gas-in-my-Ass-o-Line.

It is the reckoning. We reckon. Welcome to the party to end all other album parties. Long forgotten NZ pop sensations Tyla & Deni$ are back for their ReDempShun tour, reawakening senses and forgetting the past.

The audience will be up on its feet, singing along to the music, cringing at the desperation and leave wanting more.

You'll leave believing that you can be a popstar too, and shine bright like diamond you are.
Album Party is directed by Holly Chappell and Tom Eason; musical direction by Adrian Hooke with additional music by Oswell Didsbury.

Kate & Frith met at Toi Whakaari NZ Drama School. It was there they formed a desire to make entertaining, engaging work with a strong purpose. "In Album Party, we wanted to engage youths in the theatre, we wanted to give them something that reflected a bit of themselves and gave them something to ponder" - Kate McGill & Frith Horan

The show features 5 performers from Epsom Girls Grammar, who serve as a support and an antithesis to the larger than life Tyla & Deni$. "Being the 5 backup dancers for Kate and Frith helped open our eyes to the endless possibility of independent theatre. It was a great experience to be a part of, as we gained knowledge of the different ways to express, discuss andinterpret issues that occur everyday all around the world" - Vanessa, Gabbi, Michelle, Savannah and Alex - Students reflecting on season 1 of Album Party. 

Album Party is a concert, a comedy and a play on how we view success and the highs and the lows of attempting world pop music domination; Album Party is current, a thrill and a ride.
Tickets are on sale through iTicket and The Basement