Katchafire & Kora

P  hoto by  Leah Victoria

Photo by Leah Victoria

By Lisa Diedricks

Artist: Katchafire & Kora

Date / Venue: Friday August 5th, 2016 - The Powerstation, Auckland

What a night of nostalgia here in Auckland city on Friday night! One of NZ’s most cherished and respected bands, Katchafire played at Auckland’s Powerstation last night, and to make the night even more memorable, their reggae brother’s KORA joined them on stage too for a night of pure classic NZ music.

The entire night was filled with fans of all ages and demographic, and it was pretty awesome to see the majority of the crowd singing along to every song, and even have the bands interact with a lot of the crowd. Songs like 'Colour Me Life' had the venue go into full throwback mode, as the original and oldest member of the band took the mic and took up back to where it all began for them. Other songs like 'Who You With' 'Now Girl' and 'Love Letter' had the crowd singing to the ones they love and its cool looking around and seeing how many couples were in the crowd and how much love was being projected from everyone.

Now, we all know the band is known for starting as a Bob Marley cover band, and what an awesome moment when they covered 'Three Little Birds' and had the whole Powerstation, show love and sing to Bob, it was truly a powerful moment to all those who live and breathe the reggae lifestyle. Without the doubt during that song, and the bands, 'Collie Herb Man' the smoke rised, as the bands encouraged everyone who had the green to light up and enjoy the night ahead of them.

There’s no mistake, if you have ever been to a Katchafire gig, you will in no way be disappointed with that they leave you with. They’re incredible musicians and even better they tell incredible and visual stories with their lyrics. The fact that all members of the group can handle their own on the mic adds a huge element to their songs as they all encourage their voices with each others. Kora’s performance left the crowd feeling hyped and ready to carry on their night. With classic numbers being thrown from every direction, the crowd’s needs was completely fulfilled, with tunes from the new album and old, they brought the night to an epic close. It’s truly amazing seeing such inspiring NZ music have continuous light shone of them as they have been around for years and made any trips overseas, Katchafire too, but one thing remains, their true and fans, or better known to them as, Family, will always be found in NZ, seeing them have such humility is an awesome sight, as you can genuinely see how honoured they are still able to play for us.

A lot of the fans of the band said that this time around KORA did play more rock infused styles to their songs, than what they normally would, but if you thought that would stop the crowd from jamming out, you are wrong my friend, if anything it created more hype in the atmosphere, as you could tell how far they have come with their sound.

Both bands and opening act Sunshine Sound System, who by the way in one incredible duo, make sure to them out, are playing a second show tonight, due to high demand! Lights, stage, instruments, voices and un-tweaked natural talent at its finest, is what you’ll be expecting, and what more, that’s what you’re getting. Proud to be a fan of these two bands!