By Poppy Tohill

Artist: Broods

Date / Venue: Friday July 15th, 2016 - Vector Arena, Auckland

Cast your mind back to a rainy Thursday evening in August, 2014, where brother and sister duo Broods made their New Zealand headlining debut at Auckland’s Powerstation to a sold out crowd, following the release of their debut record, Evergreen

Now jump forward two years to a rainy Friday evening in July 2016, last night to be exact, where the kiwi darlings took to Auckland’s Vector Arena to now celebrate the release of Conscious, the duo’s second record. Straight off the back of a sold out Australian tour, venue size isn’t the only thing that has changed for the young musicians as they treated their Auckland fans to one stunning and powerful experience.

With the music more high-charged than ever, came an impressive and sensational electro light show to boot, as Georgia Nott’s new found confidence burst at the seams while she danced from one side of the stage to the other, belting out powerhouse vocals and holding the crowd tightly in the palm of her hand on the entire journey. 

Kickstarting the night with the eerily haunting album title track Conscious, Hold The Line followed, much to the crowds enthusiasm as they danced their way through, beginning to end. 

With a balance of both the old and the new, a few favourites from their 2014 debut album made the set, playing Everytime and Never Gonna Change before moving onto the slower  emotional ballad, Bedroom Door, which helped set the tone for the most magical and heart-rending moment of the night, that soon followed. 

“It’s good to be home!” Georgia announced, before humbly informing the audience that a percentage of the proceedings of this show are being donated to the Key To Life Charity in support of mental illness, dedicating their track Freak Of Nature to “anyone who has had to go through that.” What followed was the most emotionally honest and unforgettable performance you could ever imagine, proving a reminder of not only the duo’s musical talents, but also their songwriting merits. 

As Georgia’s vocals rung throughout the entire arena, each and every member of the audience observed in silence, mesmerised and speechless from beginning to end and thereafter. Belting out each note with immense passion and emotion, Georgia’s strength and will to deliver the song with everything she possibly had was beyond empowering, as she went on to conclude the final verse kneeling on the stage whilst holding back the tears, a few of which those around me also had in their eyes.  

With the intensity of emotions still running high, stools were brought out for the pair as they took things right back to their early beginnings of playing acoustically, as Caleb played guitar alongside Georgia’s raspy vocals which carried haunting and stripped back takes on All Of Your Glory and Sleep Baby Sleep from their self-titled debut EP. 

“We’ve got a surprise for you Auckland,” Georgia announced, as the crowd erupted with excitement when she welcomed Australian, kiwi, favourite Jarryd James to the stage to perform a striking rendition of his latest single 1000x which Broods also feature on. 

An atmospheric piano interlude marked the end of the acoustic segment of the evening as the lights faded while Caleb and Georgia disappeared off stage, reappearing a few minutes later exhibiting a costume change from their shining black outfits to a sleek new white look, ready to turn things up a notch once again with their higher energy, dance-worthy hits, Recovery, Heartlines, Pretty Things and sing-a-long favourites L.A.F and Full Blown Love.

The appreciative and thankful screams from the audience when the duo launched into old favourite Mother & Father were almost deafening, as the roof lifted entirely throughout the fun, energetic sing-along that pursed and grew as Georgia transitioned into the instantly recognisable and gripping intro of Free. 

The wildly demanded encore was of course received as the duo returned on stage repeatedly acknowledging their gratitude and love for their home and New Zealand fans. 

Sharing one last parting gift with us all, an encore consisting of top favourites from each moment in their career seemed aptly fitting as the crowd rose to their feet for Four Walls, Bridges and the epic finale that was, Couldnt Believe ~ As Iphone lights swayed from side to side in the air, the audience did their best in thanking Broods for the sensational experience they’ve clearly worked very hard towards mastering ~ and master it, they have.