Brooke Fraser announces IV Fridays - Four new tracks in four weeks

Brooke Fraser has announced IV Fridays (pronounced Four Fridays), a collection of previously unreleased tracks released over the first four Fridays of July via Sony Music Entertainment NZ, starting this week with the release of ‘Human’ on 1 July!

IV Fridays sees Fraser again bringing electronic flavoured, sonically daring tracks wrapped around her beautiful vocals and pop melodies recorded in London by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything, Marina and the Diamonds).

Each song has been paired with illustrations custom created by Wellington based artist Gina Kiel.

“IV Fridays is four songs I’ve been keeping in my private stash that are ready to see the light of day,” says Brooke. 

"It’s always fun to release unheard material and I’ve loved collaborating with a graphic illustrator on this series and seeing the songs bloom into shape and colour." 

On creating the art, Gina Kiel explains "Interpreting a song into a visual image is like capturing sound vibrations and placing them on paper like paint. It's the very experimental, organic nature of the process that I love most, just seeing where the music takes me. You have to go quite deep into the songs for this to happen and each time I listened to them and discovered new layers and subtleties as I found my way to the colours and forms at the heart of each song.” 

Brooke Fraser - IV Fridays

FRIDAY 1 JULY                   ‘HUMAN’
FRIDAY 8 JULY                   To be announced
FRIDAY 15 JULY                 To be announced
FRIDAY 22 JULY                 To be announced