Drive By-Truckers to release new album 'American Band'

Drive-By Truckers have announced the release of their new album 'American Band' and will be available on Friday 30 September.

To celebrate the announcement, Mike Cooley-penned first single ‘Surrender Under Protest’ today, describing it as “like a lost track from Exile On Main Street, imbued with higher consciousness.” You can hear the song below. 

American Band is an urgent and timely protest album, with the songwriting split almost evenly between Patterson Hood (vocals, guitar) and Cooley (vocals, guitar, banjo). Hood says “Drive-By Truckers are celebrating our 20th anniversary as a band in an election year where some people are trying to define what it is to be American. Definitions based on some outdated ideology of prejudice and fear.

“We are loudly proclaiming that those people don’t speak for us. America is and always has been a land of immigrants and ideals. Ideals that we have often fallen short of achieving, but it’s the striving that has given us whatever claims to greatness we have had. That’s what America means to us and ‘We’re an American Band’.”

American Band Tracklisting

1. Ramon Casiano

2. Darkened Flags At The Cusp of Dawn

3. Surrender Under Protest

4. Guns of Umpqua

5. Filthy and Fried

6. Sun Don't Shine

7. Kinky Hypocrite

8. Ever South

9. What It Means

10. Once They Banned Imagine

11. Baggage