Søren Juul shares music videos for 'Dear Child' & 'Seventeen'

Søren Juul has released his stunning second album This Moment via 4AD / Remote Control Records. To celebrate, Juul has shared videos for singles 'Dear Child' and 'Seventeen.'

"It's terrifying to release music under your own name," says Juul. "When I was first asked to release an album, I was shy. I had to figure out another name I could hide behind. But I don't feel like I need that anymore."

On This Moment, Juul reveals much more than his name. The record is a deeply personal glimpse into the remarkable spiritual journey he's undergone over the past three years, a period in which he went from living as an aspiring artist to releasing critically-lauded debut as Indians, Somewhere Else.

Nearly two straight years of touring followed, including dates with Beirut, Daughter and Julia Holter, and just as things seemed to be finally calming down, he was tapped to score a key scene in the box-office smash The Fault In Our Stars. Looking back, it proved to be almost more than Juul could handle.

"How do you cope when everything you've been dreaming of becomes a reality?" he reflects. "I lost myself. I was running around in circles and I lost the big picture. I was looking for answers and escape in the wrong places, and I was close to losing everything"

The turmoil of that period is still difficult for Juul to talk about, but songwriting proved to be a form of therapy through it all. The resulting album is the sound of a man coming to terms with a new approach to his life.

Rather than dwelling on the past, though, the songs on This Moment prove to be revelatory moments of understanding that open up new doors into the present. This Moment is in fact a collection of moments, a scrapbook of challenges, setbacks, victories and lessons that add up to form a mosaic of the man he is today.