Andrew Keoghan announces new album 'Every Orchid Offering'

Following up from his lauded first single which premiered on Stereogum in January, Andrew Keoghan will deliver his second album Every Orchid Offering on July 29, independently on Fuchsia Kick.

The LP is a collection of 10 songs that seek to make sense of a peripatetic existence between New Zealand and New York, where Keoghan relocated in 2013.  It's a series of personal vignettes about transience, sexuality, conceived gender roles, commitment, lust and modern reincarnation, combining a pop sensibility with contemporary R&B, electronic and orchestral elements.
The urbane, provocative artwork was conceived by Tracy Maurice, Canada's Juno Award-winning artist behind the now-iconic hand and quill of Arcade Fire's Funeral and co-design of their sophomore Neon Bible.
The video for the first single Stuck in Melodies transports the audience to a pastel hell dreamscape inspired by ‘90s computer graphics, pop art and the song's themes of interrelationship detachment and nostalgic comfort.
The second video for the song Queues at Dani Keys, due for release later this month, is a gender-bending nod to the 'new romantic' videos of the eighties.
The album features duets with Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins) and Chelsea Nikkel (Princess Chelsea), along with contributions from some of Keoghan's other cohorts from The Ruby Suns, Phoenix Foundation and Lawrence Arabia.
Keoghan's 2011 debut Arctic Tales Divide was a finalist for the New Zealand Taite Prize and named The New Zealand Herald’s Top Local Album that year.