Primacy - Failure And Sacrifice EP

Released Friday June 4th, 2016 - Southern Collective Music

By Will Brown

Auckland band Primacy have returned with their latest offering; the ‘Failure And Sacrifice’ EP. Consisting of Jason McIver, Adrian Brausch, Jared Tobin, Sid Kattan and Will Bloodfarm, the 5-piece “Groove Metal” band have been on the scene for the last couple of years and ‘Failure And Sacrifice’ is proof that the band are heading in the right direction. 

The 5-track EP kicks off with title track Failure & Sacrifice, a nice solid song to start things rolling. The first thing I’m struck by is they’ve obviously spent quite a bit of time with the production as the quality is fantastic, really top notch.

Shade Black has an epic Pink Floydish like guitar intro before heading into a solid heavy groove with just the right amount of angst. A bit of Deftones and Tool influence can be heard here. 

Devils Cut has a great riff and is nice n grunty, with drummer Will Bloodfarm showing off some impressive licks.

The Secret has a quirky 5/4 time signature feel and I’m reminded early Shihad, while Wicked Ways shows off some lovely melodic work. 

A really nice first EP effort from Primacy and one can hope there may be a full album in the near future. If you like bands like Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, a bit of Deftones and Tool, Failure And Sacrifice won’t disappoint!