Bizzy Bone

By Lisa Diedricks

He’s part of the world's most notorious rap groups. With eight studio albums to his name alone, Byron Anthony McCane, better known as Bizzy Bone, has changed the rap game completely, and is continuing to bring the world that infamous Bizzy flow and energy. I got the pleasure to sit down and have a quick chat with Bizzy, I was so in awe of his kindness and all round good guy persona, it was hard to believe what this man has been through. With his infamous breezy and calm voice, I got to chat with his about his new music, life experiences and his favourite NZ artists.

Bizzy will be on our soil, in less than 2 weeks, with his rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony, along with Twista, Mobb Deep, Tha Dogg Pound and newly added The Lady of Rage, at the first ever Block Party 2016.

How you going man?

How you doing girl? I’m well I’m well, can’t be mad it’s a beautiful day!

Have to say, I am truly a massive fan!

Thank you thank you! I always appreciate the love, it’s amazing!

What’s been happening lately?

We making music man, keeping our feet wet and bring you those beats, I can’t wait to get there and show you all what we been working on.

Excited to be coming back to NZ then?

Oh man, very excited, beautiful country, you guys have diehard fans out here and it’s amazing.

What NZ acts are you excited to see perform, do you know any of them?

I’ve listened to a few of Tomorrow People’s music, awesome man! Love NZ music, I’ve only heard of a  few others but I’m excited to see more at Block Party, should be a tight set!

What’s on your to do list while you’re here?

Definitely learn more about the culture, the language there is incredible. Try to do a bit of sight seeing, but mainly just check out the fresh music talent that the country has to offer.

I’m so excited to see you guys perform, I missed the last show so I’ll be front and centre this one!

Oh I’ll be on the lookout for you fo sho! We love coming here, the energy is incredible.

As being part of the most influential rap groups of all time, is there anyone that comes first to mind that played a huge role in your success?

I think my go to will always be Eazy E just because of the risk he took on us and all the support and guidance he provided us, that we still live by today. But other than that, the people behind the scenes man, they really deserve just as much credit, and also to all our families, and of course our fans. We got some incredible fans.

You’re one of the OG’s man, and in my opinion that’s one of the greatest honours. What do you think about today’s rap game? Who do you feel has the most creativeness and strong message to maybe someday being an OG?

Oh man, today’s rap game is solid. Like if you look at how far we come in terms of production, it’s beautiful. I think some rappers go into the rap game to make a few bucks and rap about things that aren’t going to matter in a few years’ time. But so far, the majority are getting it right. With teaming up with genuine producers and bringing a message to the world. And then you have rappers like Kendrick Lamar, who has brought a whole new level of rap to the game, that some of us would already classify him as a OG because of the message and energy he brings to the table. But, to be honest, my son too, he’s making great music these days!

So, we are moving forward?

Yeah, you think about the guy that invented auto tune, I mean he’s just capitalizing on that in a major way, cause it is still one of the biggest productions we use this day and age. There’s major names in the industry that are causing big waves, and are bringing the rap game onto a new level of story-telling.

So any new music you can share? Special projects? What different this time around?

Yeah there’s definitely new music still to come, my new single is out at the moment, and there will be many more. I got a few projects in the works at the moment, in the studio right now as we speak actually. This time around, there’s a lot more that I share, I’m really putting my heart on my sleeve and letting everything out. New album, got me working with some OG’s too and some special guest appearances, El De Barg, Rascall Flatts, just to name a few, so it’ll be different, but different is good and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. Creative, innovative, new, thoughts, I’m bringing you a lot of my thoughts. 

You’ve been such an inspiration to so many people around the world, who is your biggest inspiration? Who gets you through tough times?

My biggest inspiration I think is myself, I really try to inspire myself every day, 24 hours in a day. I want to be better than I was yesterday. So I always strive to be the better man. The people that never leave my side, they’re my inspiration too.

Can you tell us about the spiritual journey you took back in 2004, and what you leant? You lived voluntarily as a homeless person yes? How has that experience changed your life? Your music?

It was a crazy experience, but it was mind opening. It made me into a more appreciative human being. I notice a lot more things now that I didn’t ever see before. I grew internally, and my dreams grew with me. My music is a lot more open, and I’m rapping about different things. I mean you look at people like Miley Cyrus, who supports that community and took a homeless boy, to a televised event and advocated the importance of helping out the less fortunate. I support that man, ‘cause I know it’s a real struggle for some out here.

Last but not least, are you ready for this years hottest rap party!?

I am so excited to myself, Block Party we coming for ya! NZ get ready!

The Block Party

Friday May 20th: ASB Showgrounds, Auckland (R18)
Tickets via TheTicketFairy

BONE THUGS -N- HARMONY (Bizzy, Krayzie, Layzie and Wish)
MOBB DEEP (Havoc and Prodigy)
THA DOGG POUND (Daz and Kurupt)