Cori Gonzalez-Macuer - Awesome? Nah, Bro

By Megan Blackwell

Artist / Show: Cori Gonzalez-Macuer - Awesome? Nah, Bro

Date / Venue: May 4-7 2016 - Basement Theatre, Auckland

It’s clear that Gonzalez-Macuer (What We Do in the Shadows) has gained a solid following having spent the better part of 10 years doing stand-up; his show comfortably filled the Basement Theatre at 10pm on a Wednesday night.

Gonzalez-Macuer’s stage presence was reserved and he delivered his thoughts with a quiet demeanor.  To set a clear level of expectations he pointed out that he’s use to facing his audience directly so we should be pretty impressed by the fact he’d be turning between the two blocks of us.  

The tile Awesome? Nah Bro effectively sums up the feel of the show.  Through his cynical and self-deprecating attitude Gonzalez-Macuer reflects on his recent tour around New Zealand.  He throws back and forth with the audience comparing notes on the shittiest parts of the country.  I particularly liked that he didn’t let his show receiving a glowing review from Invercargill excuse the fact that it from Invercargill.  Accompanied by some visual aids on a projector he gives us the run-down on a number topics and people he hates.  While the show didn't have me in belly full on belly laughs, I could definitely get on board with the bitter way he addressed reality shows; quinoa and Creed.  

His style sits somewhere between charmingly awkward and confidently half-arsed. Despite Gonzalez-Macuer’s critical outlook his conversational manner allowed him lay down some ugly and amusing truths.  There wasn’t an overarching theme but the message he got across as a new father was simply, “Don’t be a dick.” which I think we can all get behind.  

Awesome? Nah, Bro runs from 3-7 May 2016