Jerome Chandrahasen - Five Fun Facts About Finland

By Megan Blackwell

Artist / Show: Jerome ChandrahasenFive Fun Facts About Finland

Date / Venue: May 3rd, 2016 - Montecristo Room, Auckland

Often when you think stand up comedy you think tightly written material with a setup, punchline, toppers and at least one full circle.  It’s often fast paced with high energy.  Just a heads up, this is not how Chandrahasen’s show works.  

He slipped onto the stage and very casually asked us if we thought the room warranted him using mic.  It didn't.  His calm voice travelled easily as he introduced himself to us and got a feel for the room.  Chandrahasen ambled through his set which I’d describe as anecdotal insights.  His witty observations were typically kiwi in their simplicity and literal interpretation. 

He definitely delivers five fun facts about Finland as promised by the title.  I have to say it was pretty bizarre to feel like I was legitimately learning during a comedy show.  Chandrahasen’s informative tone made me feel like I was getting smarter just by being in the room.  He spoke on a variety of topic from the Finnish psyche to how a decent cup of tea should be made.  My favourite take away was how to be a more effective sniper in the snow.  

There were times when I felt the setup to a joke was getting a bit long winded but then we’d reach the end of the story to find no punchline waiting for us.  Turns out reality is funny enough just the way it.  If you're a thinker looking for a clean and smart show this festival then Chandrahasen’s Five Fun Facts About Finland is for you.

Five Fun Facts About Finland runs from 3-8 May 2016