Peter Garrett premieres new song 'Great White Shark'

Peter Garrett - A Version Of Now.jpg

After nearly 15 years away from the recording studio, Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett is set to release his debut solo album, A Version Of Now. Garrett has now shared with fans a new track, ‘Great White Shark.’ 
This raucous second taste of his forthcoming solo album was spawned some time ago, as he explains, “’Great White Shark’ originally surfaced when working with my Oils band mates Martin and Jim but it was never recorded as it just didn’t fit at the time. It was filed away in the back of my mind as a track I’d felt I’d like to revisit and ended up working well with what was happening in the studio sessions for my solo album.”

Most of the songs on A Version Of Now were composed recently as Garrett penned his autobiography. However although this tune largely hails from an earlier era, its themes of physical and moral extinction remain all too relevant. The song’s raw sounds and sentiments dovetail well with the rest of the new album as its main rallying cry makes abundantly clear … “I want to be whole and I want to be free!”