Blackveil reveal new EP 'Dreams'

Emerging from the shadows of Wellington’s dark and dreamy electro-pop scene is Blackveil with their EP, Dreams.
The foundations of the five-track release are set in pop, but the two-piece draws on an eclectic array of other influences from jazz and techno to metal and progressive rock.
The lead single ‘Dreams’ sets the scene with its sweet vocals, pulsating beat and soaring chorus. It’s an instant earworm of a song that makes way for the piano-driven ballad ‘Tall Man’ and the moody, ‘Enemy’.
The EP comes full circle ending with an ethereal Shen Collective remix of ‘Dreams’ and another of ‘Tall Man’ (Mjuzik remix), which gives a nod to the dark intensity of 90s electronica and has touches of Portishead.
As a body of work, it’s a heady and atmospheric listen that builds on the mystery that surrounds the duo - Jayde Marter (writer and producer) and Broghan Paige (vocals and writer).
Referencing the faceless masks that each wears in the images on their website,, Blackveil says the band and their music is about “helping people to remove the veil and to be themselves, to suggest that we could be anyone, with anyone's secrets". 
The focus of Blackveil’s storytelling is based on Marter and Paige’s personal experiences and kaleidoscopic perceptions of relatable social issues.
Prolific producers of material, they both consider one day spent making music a day well spent - as are the hours fans of this emerging Wellington duo will spend listening to the five songs that make up Dreams.
Dreams is available from June 8. Hear the full EP streaming below