By Wal Reid

Artist: Racing

Date / Venue: Friday May 20th, 2016 - Whammy Bar, Auckland

Auckland band Racing are a group hell-bent on rock & roll revival, the very fact they have revived the all essential guitar solo in a three-minute pop song is a welcome return, the packed out Whammy Bar testament to the quartet’s surge in popularity as the group stopped into Auckland as part of their nationwide Le Tour.

Ex Checks vocalist Ed Knowles, pensive mood swings gave into sporadic body convulsions as he ripped through the generous set comprising of past hits, the dirge goth of Sex in Summer, the frenetic All Night Long & the heavy anthem of Shades of Light from their 2015 EP the perfect start to the weekend.

Guitarist Sven Pettersen faithful on blues riffs, blazed on effects & lead squeals, while bassist Daniel Barret stood ground as if guarding his beer occasionally leaning into the Marshall speaker cabinet for sound approval, his riffs solid pairing up with the robotic Izaak Houston on drums, the set made up of old and new songs from their upcoming album.

Meshing tighter than active wear, the band’s regurgitated darker Checks mephisto alter ego is a sure fire hit, none more so than on Stereo Fields and new single Misbehaving, its disco tinged riff catchy as hell while Knowles’ range of hitting high notes is well handled. The future of New Zealand music is in good hands, haven’t been this excited about a local band since ages ago.