Warren Maxwell taps deep emotions for an uplifting new Aotearoa anthem

Moments' is an exquisitely sparse and soulful track highlighting Warren Maxwell's distinctive timbre. Framed by lush instrumentation and gospel harmonies ‘Moments' is Aotearoa in its essence.

Maxwell was initially commissioned by Genesis Energy to write and perform a song for the shinealight.kiwi project.

The track received a great deal of interest with people asking where they could get it - both online and through Genesis Energy call centres hence, it was decided the song should be released officially.

Warren Maxwell says, "The song came relatively quickly once I'd met the producers & the client. Their objective was community focused and from a genuine philanthropic perspective, which I love! I hear the song and lyrics as a poetic conduit for ideologies around community support."

‘Moments' is released through Aeroplane Music Records with all profits going to the Foundation for Youth & Development. ‘Moments' is now available for purchase from iTunes, available for streaming on Spotify and if you would like to donate more, head to Bandcamp. 

Go to shinealight.kiwi to see more.

You can view a behind the scenes clip of Warren Maxwell performing with the Wairarapapa ki Uta, Wairarapa ki Tai Kapa haka choir below.