By Clare McCabe

Artist: AC/DC

Date / Venue: Tuesday December 15th, 2015 - Western Springs Stadium, Auckland

Last time I caught these guys live was way back in November 1991 when they were at the very end of theRazors Edge world tour. And here they are again, back for more and still going STRONG after all these years. An AC/DC fan is a fan for life shall we say. Everyone should attend one good rock show in their lives - and AC/DC is probably the one they should choose.

And this time we get to hang out at good old Western Springs. Such a great venue. So many memories. And so many people. This is a big crowd and they are all ready to be entertained. Dress code is black only and there are a serious amount of small children sporting flashing devil horns, a few school ties and a million AC/DC tshirts. Oh and did I mention the weather is perfect.

Auckland traffic prevents me from catching Villainy as the first support. But luckily we do get to see Mr Toogood and friends play a few choice Shihad numbers, finishing up with Home Again and screaming "I fuckin love this job" as he takes a big crowd selfie before leaving the stage. As he was happy to tell us, Jon is a huge AC/DC fan. Wonder if he was playing air guitar at side of stage during their set?

Cue fireworks and massive space video on all screens. And here comes Angus in his velvet uniform and good old Brian in his familiar flat cap and they are away. Rock or Bust (a new favourite?) and Shoot to Thrill. Brian is super energetic in his black jeans/black tshirt combo as he launches into Back in Black.

To be honest, at this stage, it is best if the locals join in and there are quite a few to be seen peering over their back garden walls up above the stadium.

Angus duckwalks across the stage and here comes Dirty Deeds, complete with close-ups on screen of Angus owning that guitar. And then the opening bars of Thunderstruck ring out and the crowd lose their shit.

The donut man walks by us selling his wares. He gets no interest at all as everyone is singing along and indulging in a little headbanging. Glowing devil horns can be seen everywhere throughout the crowd.

The AC/DC bell tolls and here come Hells Bells. Angus runs round madly playing to the crowd (I can't hear you hand-to-ear) - there is a moment when he has a go at his guitar with his TIE. Oh yes. The man is on form tonight and he knows how to work the crowd.

And then we get my fave You Shook Me All Night Long - sing it people 'She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean'... TNT is next and then the massive blowup doll rises from behind the stage - oh hi Rosie.

The neighbours let off some fireworks (to show they are enjoying the show perhaps) and up comes Let There Be Rock. Angus totally solos out in the spotlight (over 10 mins my friends). He spins on the floor. Confetti flies. He moves to another stage. And still he plays. Oh the energy..

By now Angus' uniform looks a bit disheveled. But who cares after such a solo. Brian hits the stage again and they're back for an encore.

Of course Highway to Hell has to make an appearance. And for god's sake, those canons aren't just for show people. For Those About to Rock is their final tune and they go all out with canons and a massive firework finale (better fireworks than Kiss? I think so).

Now that is how you play a rock show people. Thanks Brian, Angus, Cliff, Stevie and Chris (miss you Malcolm). And no, WE salute you. Feel free to come back any time.