Photo diary from LIPS in Australia touring with Daffodils

Auckland’s Bullet Heart Club have announced that their hit Kiwi pop-rock cabaret Daffodils has been selected to perform at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The company will perform at the Traverse Theatre, which is one of Scotland’s most prestigious venues.

Bullet Heart Club will put on a Benefit Gala on Friday 3 June at Auckland's Town Hall's Great Hall. The aim of the Gala is to help raise the funds needed to make the Edinburgh season of this critically claimed kiwi hit a reality.

The evening will feature a performance of Daffodils by the original cast (Colleen Davis and Todd Emerson), with special guest performances by Tami Neilson, Julia Deans, Anika Moa, Trip Pony and LIPS. Proceeds from the evening will go towards the Bullet Heart Club fund to get the show to Edinburgh.

Daffodils is currently on tour in Australia before heading back home for the gala. We were lucky enough to get a photo diary from Fen lker (LIPS) showing us what's been going on in the land of Oz. 

Don't believe we're in Australia? Au contraire:

Okay, we could've photoshopped that. But could we have photoshopped THIS?

On the way back from the store, we ran into our old friend from NYC, ace Newsday reporter Sue Charlton, who introduced us to her charming Aussie friend Mick Dundee, who educated us on what is and what isn't a knife.

Then, we used a Dundee-approved knife to make kangaroo spaghetti.

The next day, pressed for time, Fen multi-tasks his morning workout/breakfast.

In between setup and the show at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta, we took advantage of this dope drumkit and dope mics in this dope hall and recorded some drums for a Lips song.

The rest of the cast and crew sent us a semi-blurry/drunk selvesie from the hotel elevator trying to get us to come out and rock post-show.

But, because we're boring and kinda broke, we did this instead. (Not pictured: My Little Pony pajamas).

Fen is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer who has performed with and/or recorded countless acts over the years. You may have seen or heard him with artists including Calexico, Johanna Samuels, Seashell Radio, Saint Maybe and many more. Lips is the musical project of Stephanie Brown and Fen Ikner. The pair, who originally formed in New York, divide their time between New Zealand and the United States.

Daffodils: Benefit Gala

Friday June 3rd: Town Hall, Auckland

Tickets via TIcketmaster