By Teylor Moss

Artist: Shihad

Date / Venue: Sunday May 1st, 2016 - The Powerstation, Auckland
For NZ Music Month, Radio Hauraki and iHeartRadio came up with the brilliant idea
of Shihad's three cities, one day, free concerts! After performing at CPIT, Christchurch at 12pm, then at MEOW, Wellington at 4.30pm, Shihad arrived in Auckland to perform the last show of the night 9pm at the Powerstation.

Shihad strutted their way on stage, still with a ridiculous amount of energy and played their hearts out. Everyone in the crowd was singing along and dancing, creating an even more amazing vibe that Shihad were feeding off of!

The sound was perfect, so clear and so loud. I've never been let down by Shihad and they're amazing crew,or by powerstation for that matter! They couldn't have picked a better venue to perform their last show at, playing hit after hit, the crowd only wanted more!

Consisting of Jon Toogood (Guitar,vocals), Karl Kippenberger (Bass), Tom Larkin (Drums) and Phil Knight (Guitar), these four were like machines, hitting every note, every beat with style and perfection. I was in such awe through the whole show, amazed at their stellar performance and baffled by their energy, I mean three shows in one day! That's unbelievably impressive.

After a couple of hours of good music, other people's hair and limbs in my face, it's the final song on their set list, with a killer riff: Cheap As Fuck. A perfect song to get the crowd going wild and to live up the most of the concert.

Finishing the song and saying their goodbyes, the crowd couldn't believe that it was over, begging for an encore, the crowd wouldn't give in until they did! It wasn't long before they were back on stage to play their final two songs for the night.

By now the crowd has lost their minds and turned into moshing monsters. Shihad has to be one of the best stage performing bands, they interact with the crowd so much without it affecting their music at all. Taking full use of the stage and claiming it as their own.
Shihad undoubtedly annihilated the three cities one day tour and I cant imagine anyone else doing so.

Overall the most an amazing night, from such a dedicated, incredibly talented band,
a night I definitely won't forget. Thank you to all the staff that helped make this night run as smoothly as it did and a massive thank you to Shihad for rocking the country and creating a memorable night.