Avoid!Avoid! set for instore at Southbank Records

Avoid!Avoid! are a noisy, drone-rock group from Auckland and Particle & Wave is their debut. The band set rough guitars to tough motorik drum beats and then compete to see who can make the nicest sci-fi synthesizer textures.  

The droning, textural, sculptural, experimental and psychedelic music for science fiction films were recorded in Auckland, New Zealand before being passed to Ben Greenburg (Python Patrol Recording) in New York, who brought a different perspective when mixing the tracks.  The final album tracks were mastered by Heba Kadry (Timeless Mastering).

It's worth taking a moment to consider avoid!avoid's notable pedigree. Brendan Moran (Drums) and Stephen Reay (guitars/vocals) and previously played together in the Flying Nun’s the Subliminals, and separately played in the Hasslehoff Experiment (Flying Nun Records), and the Haints of Dean Hall (Archhill Recordings). Keyboardist and vocalist Sonya Waters was a core member of Fang and White Swan Black Swan (Archhill Recordings).


In Store At Southbound Records for NZ Music Month

132 Symonds St
May 28th 2pm
Live Performance and signing new album 'Particle & Wave'