Lesley Barth shares new music video 'Good Like This'

The music world can always use a strong and genuine voice, and thankfully for us, that’s exactly what Lesley Barth brings to the table. Through masterful use of her signature vocal harmonies and insightful lyrics, this singer/songwriter is charming listeners one tune at a time. While in the studio working on her first full-length album, which was crowd-funded by her dedicated legion of fans, the engaging artist is set on keeping her fans entertained through fresh content with a personal touch.
Barth found inspiration in the wondrous setting of Silver Falls State Park on a recent trip to Portland, OR.  The enchanting atmosphere set the stage for Barth’s latest DIY endeavor: a video for her heartfelt piano ballad 'Good Like This.' “I almost didn’t know what to do with how amazing the setting was,” says Barth, and that feeling is easy to understand given the stunning environment captured in the video. “It was so green, overwhelmingly vibrant and lively. I think that there’s something related about the setting and the meaning behind that song.”

The clip allows viewers to venture through the park alongside the artist as the lyrics pose thoughtful questions.