By Lisa Diedricks

Last month I was lucky enough to get to interview rapper icon himself X to the Z Xzibit, about his upcoming visit to New Zealand and what he has in store for us. X was an absolute incredible dude to interview, with countless banter and that infamous laugh that everyone knows, it was definitely one of my top interviews from 2015. From being drunk, to getting to know the kiwis, talking about his up and coming projects, and getting his opinion on today's music scene, X wasn't afraid to let it all out. The legend himself will be at this year's Raggamuffin, here in Auckland 20th Feb.

Below is the interview that I did with Xzibit:

How you doing my dude?!

I'm good dude, just waking up and getting ready to start my day!

What have you been up to lately?

Working on new music, keeping the 2 radio stations going, Open Bar Radio 93.5 K Day (Online) is pumping, got a few spots on beats radio, which you can watch out for, and of course grinding in the studio, actually heading in there today!

So you're performing at Raggamuffin in February? Are you excited?

HELL YEAH! Can't wait to get hyped with the crowd, it's been a minute since I've been in NZ and I can't wait to get in front of the fans and show them what I've been working on!

As someone who has shaped and moulded the rap game what do you think of today's rap? Do you think it's improved?

Yes and no, yes in the sense that there are a lot of new artists that have weened out the fakes and showed how to really bring it, there's a lot of posers out there. And no because if you really think about it todays way of getting music out there has changed dramatically in terms of the way it's bought, artists are pretty much giving away their music for free, what are the greatest hits now? From years ago? Now think about what todays greatest hits are going to sound like years from now to what they are now. Completely different scale. There's a lot of overnight success. Creating the music, not just the image that's what it's all about. It's about to be full frontier, Wild West type shit.

Who is your top artists in the game right now?

I really like the Compton album, and not just because I'm on it, but to be honest I'm concentrating on my own sound and enjoying my own music, so I don't really listen to others at the moment.

New album next year? Dr Dre? What can you tell me?

*INSERT INFAMOUS LAUGH HERE* you'll have to wait and see! It's gonna be epic!

Man VC Machine was the first album I got drunk on! Does the new sound differ from the old?

HAHA that's awesome I'm happy to have played such an important role in your life! But you're gonna have to wait and see, all I can say is that everyone will be hyped!

So you you'll be here for a few days, is there anything you wanna do while you're here in NZ?

If I have time I wanna get cultured and hang out for a while also wanna hang with the kiwis. Side stage, and enjoy the show!

I'll be at Raggamuffin so I'm hyped as fuck now!

Make a sign saying "Man VS Machine = took my drinking virginity" with a beer drawing next to it, and I'll know it's you

Did I hear something about a Compton Tour?

If Dre decides on it I'm there, I don't really know what's gonna happen all I know is that I'm on board.

It's been a few years since your last release, has the years that passed changed your message/your tone?

Yeah it's been a minute and that's all part of the plan girl, It's a waiting game, I'm building up anticipation, because it's gonna be dope.

Old tracks new tracks while you're tour here in NZ?

Bit of both, we gonna get the crowd hype. We been rehearsing everyday cause we wanna bring it all when we come through.

Thanks so much for chatting man, it's been amazing and you've definitely gotten me hyped for Feb! Can't wait to make my sign! 

Good to chat Lisa! HAHA! I will be looking out for it, come say wassup! See you soon NZ! Get Ready!

Raggamuffin IX

Saturday February 20th: Trusts Arena, Auckland

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