If you are feeling a bit over this week already, need to unwind and escape the world for a while? Have a few drinks and smile until it hurts with the stunning and uber talented boys from Briefs Factory.  

This show brings a mind blowing fusion of Drag, Circus, Comedy & Satire sprinkled with feathers, Glitter, Rhinestones and tight jeans.

It’s opening night of Briefs at Auckland's ASB Theatre and the place is buzzing. The bar is full and the air saturated with excited conversation as people meet and enjoy the atmosphere over a wine as the venue starts to fill.

This is no ordinary theatre set up. Tonight the audience share the main stage with the cast of the show! The empty gallery of seats behind an array of round black clothed tables reminds you that this is about the interaction and where blurring the lines is a strong theme.

A sexy, funny, extremely tall Shavannah aka Fez Fa’anana in the highest of size 12 heels I’ve ever seen, is our host for the night and It’s quickly established that the venue is filled with people who agree life should be about love and acceptance and enjoyment and that it’s ok to leave the darkness of the world outside and escape into another dimension for a time. This message is perfectly timed with the themes surrounding Auckland Pride festival this weekend. We are asked to put the cell phones and social media away, and loose ourselves in their creativity for the next 90 mins.

You would think watching someone try to figure out a Rubix cube would be like watching paint dry, until you see Briefs and experience it at lightening speed!

It would seem a little crazy to see someone jump through the smallest of flame engulfed hula hoops or a group of bone juggling dog like characters until these guys make it seem effortless and totally normal!

Dallas Dellaforce AKA Daniel Carter brought the sparkle with the costume design and some rather accurate spins on everyday occurances such as sitting on the telephone listening to wait music.

New York’s burlesque legend Adam “Evil Hate Monkey” Krandle whipped together some zoo style ballet moves and fire dancing.

Thomas Worrell gave a seemless and beautiful aerial performance with a great length of crimson silk.

Louis Biggs and Lachy Shelley AKA Lucky Charm compliment the team perfectly with their sexy and school boyish talents and comical interludes.

I loved how each member of the cast is able to maintain a direct connection with the crowd throwing out winks, glances and smiles throughout each performance never breaking the eye contact.

Within the first three acts my face ached from the wide grin I had acquired and they had me on the edge of my seat for the whole production. The end came too soon and and the encore sealed the deal that this wouldn’t be my last time to go watch them perform!

I’m not going to go into any more details of the show, as it’s best to be seen and not read.

So much freedom of expression and love has clearly gone into this production that it can only be truly appreciated in person.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful carnival of craziness at the ASB Theatre Auckland 17th-20th February