Anika Moa announces new album & national tour

Fans around the country are in for a treat as songstress Anika Moa takes her latest album on tour. But this one is aimed at tiny tots – and the ‘In Between Nap Times Tour’ is giving back to all those who supported Anika in producing Songs for Bubbas 2, with just a gold coin donation (and a tot!) required to take in the action.

With its production funded by a Pledge Me campaign, Songs for Bubbas 2 follows on the runaway success of Anika’s first ‘Bubbas’ album and is scheduled for release on April 8. Meeting her fans with the 18-stop tour, Anika is running things differently. She’s using the power of her wide social media network to alert fans where she’ll be performing at co-arranged venues such as libraries, schools, kindergartens – and even the homes of fans.      

Each of the intimate concerts is expected to draw around 100 parents and their children, allowing Anika to engage closely with the audience.

Parents and their wee ones will love the show, particularly as Anika has planned each concert to take place outside times when young fans might be a little on the cranky side. As a result, the In Between Nap Times Tour fixtures take place at exactly that – outside of the hours little ones lie down for a nap.

Anika says this tour is simply about giving back to those who through Pledge Me have helped her produce the new album.

Providing insight in to the creation of the album, she tells of the major source of inspiration: “My muses and focus group is my own children and Songs for Bubbas 2 is joyfully jammed with 12 songs which have them dancing with delight and which have earned their personal stamp of approval,” she says.

The album takes young listeners on an imaginative journey, from escaping wild animals, to being popped in a witch’s stew. Along the way, they meet a naughty martial arts obsessed rat who likes to Chop! Chop! and a loveable rogue of a Taniwha.

The album helps teach Te Reo too with a cover of classic Maori song 'A Haka Ma' and a rendition of 'E Te Ariki' to send the little one off to sleep (with all these dreams in their heads).

The album was then written in cottages all over Aotearoa and recorded / co-produced by Anika’s musical soul mate, Andre Upston.