DJ Mustard



By Lisa Diedricks

Artist: DJ Mustard

Date / Venue: Thursday March 10th, 2016 - KONG, Auckland

Last Thursday, Club KONG was in full fire as DJ Mustard himself took the stage and got the entire crowd turnt as hell!

Opening with his well-known track Rack City by Tyga, the crowd got hit with what was to make the night epic and rowdy! DJ Mustard is well known for being the official DJ of Compton born rapper YG, as well as producing a number of platinum and hit selling singles since his entrance into the mainstream music scene in 2011.

Mustard's production sound and style has been critiqued as an up-tempo, club born, catchy yet rudimentary melodic hip hop style. This particular style has slowly yet surely grown and infested into our ears as the contemporary production style of West Coast hip hopduring the early 2010s, which he calls "ratchet music". Almost all of his hits begin or end with the tag "Mustard on the beat, ho!" – Which has become his signature intro or outro. As hands were up the airs and drinks were flowing Mustard managed to keep the crowd active and all eyes on him, tracks like 'Don’t Tell Em','Show Me' and 'The Fix' got the crowd singing and chanting, they even got right up and personal with him, as Mustard allowed some of the crowd to stand next him on the stage and dance, security was tight, but Mustard was a GC and let them know, “It’s okay, I like when I get to interact with my fans”.

As KONG isn’t a very big club, it was tight squeezed and a lot of people pushed to the front, wanting to get a piece of the action. With the crowd enjoying the night, Mustard introduced so new material and also popped in some California hip hop styled bangers that got the room absolutely mental! From Dr Dre to Wiz Khalifa, Mustard left nothing out, he was here for one night and he definitely wanted to bring the house to an absolute roar.

As Mustard repped his Iron Maiden shirt, and bright yellow headphones, he continuously interacted with the audience, from complementing some dude on his dreads, to telling the crowd that California has some of the best weed, as he took in the smell that over powered the room at one point. “That’s some good smelling weed” he joked! Through-out the entire night, one thing was clear, everyone there came to party and dance and that’s what we did.

I’m glad I didn’t wear my white shoes, as I’m sure I got at least half the bar spilt on my shoes. That didn’t stop us though, the music was on point and the atmosphere was all in good spirits. DJ Mustard, got his iconic name by realizing his name, Dijon, is also a condiment, started his DJ career after an uncle, who ironically was also a DJ, let him play at a house partyand he soon enough landed him in Auckland, New Zealand for an hour and a half filled with club bangers and constant flow of anthems, it was surely a night to remember. But what else would you expect from the industries most sonically cohesive and identifiable motifs producer.

It was a great night out for anyone that managed to make it in, and Auckland definitely made an impression, as it was all over DJ Mustard’s snap chat, as he got the hype of the crowd for all to see.