Weird Together reveal 'Going Back To Trinidad'

Taking influence from the 50s and 60s era of Trinidad & Tobago incredible musical history, Weird Together are proud to announce the release of their brand new single ‘Going Back To Trinidad' teaming up with T&T’s much loved kaiso revivalist Rembunction and serving up a contemporary calypso classic that’s got one foot firmly in the storytelling tradition and vibrancy of Calypso past and the other foot firmly in the modern day productions of a Calypso future. 

Long time fans of legendary Calypsonians like Might Sparrow, Lord Kitchener and Black Stalin, what started as a late night spent deep in a Calypso youtube wormhole, the Weird Together boys stumbled upon some videos of Rembunction and impressed with Rem’s reviving of the good old kaiso tradition of times gone by got working on a beat tailored just to suit his style. An internet cold call later and the track was in Rem’s hands and they woke up the next morning to not just a confirmation that he was into collaborating with "these crazy guys from New Zealand”, but all the vocal parts done, dusted and ready to arrange. The track soon grew to be the feel-good centrepiece of their live shows and now the group are super proud to be releasing on a label helmed by one of the the world’s most biggest global ambassadors for Trinbagonian music - Feel Up Records, with T&T’s own Jillionaire himself loving this unique, contemporary take on classic Calypso. 

This new musical link between two commonwealth island nations separated by an vast stretch of ocean and land is one that the Weird Together boys are determined to develop further, “What’s provided the inspiration we have for Weird Together in the first place is all of this incredible music from around the world we’ve been lucky enough to discover, explore and take inspiration from. I’ve travelled to Trinidad & Tobago and for such a tiny island they have one of the most incredible music scenes in the world and I don’t think there’s a country on earth that has more of an intense pride for their own homegrown music culture.The ultimate compliment is when artists from a country who’s music you respect so much like what you do and want to collaborate, it really doesn’t get much better than that. For us, this experience working with Rem has been one of the highlights for sure.