Richie Cattell

By Lisa Diedricks

Need a fresh new sound this summer? I’ve got the perfect artist for you! Ladies and gentleman, Richie Cattell! He’s young, he’s fresh, his flow is off the walls, and he’s ready to shine! Quite recently I got to hang out with Richie and his team, on set of his latest music video, 'Came To Do It' which is currently sitting in the top 30 in the NZ Radio/iTunes charts!

Richie is such an incredible artist, with such humility; it’s easy to see why so many people in the industry like working with him. I got to sit down and have a chat about what the future holds, his latest music, and what’s in store for all his fans in the upcoming months. The summer is off to an exciting bang for the young Auckland rapper, as he sets off on the NZ length of award winning artist Mya’s tour, hitting our streets in a few weeks. Richie’s sound brings such easily listening and that first couple of beats you hear in his songs already gets you dancing. His drive and passion for the grind, really makes you respect the up and coming hip-hop individual. Working as an independent artist with the help of Jay Tewake, it’s safe to say, we can’t wait to see this amazing talent bring the house down and absolutely blow us away with all his new material! 

So your song, 'Came To Do It' has made its way to the NZ charts, how does that make you feel?

Where do I start man!? Waking up that morning the first thing I did was check the iTunes Charts, seeing my track debuting at number 15 just sent a shock of emotions through me aye. I had a dream the night before that my song was #30, and then waking up to see myself at #15 was surreal. I just started crying, rang up my manager and just went on and on. It was one of those moments where I finally felt like the hard work is finally starting to pay off.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

'Came To Do It' is one of those tracks where we just wanted a really "feel good" vibe. Something that people can dance with and sing a-long with. It's about those nights at the bar where you have a target, and go for it! Getting the girl you want, showing her what's good, and having the time of your life!

You've been in the game for a while now, do you feel like your style and flow has changed?

Haha oh god where do I start with that! 100% change. No actually, 200%! When I started I was 13. Still in high school, writing all about love, girls, crushes etc, all the corny shit! After I grew up and filled my shoes I tried to develop my own sorta style and just roll with it. I believe change is good and I feel like my music and myself is always changing. Never know what will happen.

Why do you think some rappers aren't getting the recognition they deserve when it comes to radio play and promo?

Originality. You could be the most talented artist in NZ, yet you still won't get a single play. Why? Because your not original. Do something that can break you away from the Kayfabe. Make something amazing, bring some fire, and be proud to be you. Not someone your not. With that being said, stay humble. That'll get you brownie points.

What’s the future looking like for you? Anything you can share?

Future looks positive! Working on some brand new material that I think will shock some people, so I'm super excited to announce that! Also my team is taking good care of me. So I'm in safe hands. We also just got the news that I’ll be the opening act for Grammy Award winning artist MYA! Tour kicks off 10th December for me and I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunity! It’s a huge deal for me!

Who are your biggest influences right now? 

Chris Brown is a huge inspiration to me. That dude gets thrown obstacles left, right and centre. But that mother f**ker ain't giving up anytime soon! Just proves that no matter what life has to offer, it's all just shit that'll pass and if your lucky, people will forgive you for your mistakes.”

So do think it's important for an artist to adapt and change with the world or stay as the artist that made them? 

Hmm, change is important. But with that being said, staying true to yourself is also a biggie. I think, do what makes you happy. Whether that's change up constantly and try new things, or stay the same and stick to your roots. As long as you’re happy, then all is sweet!

*You can find the hit single “Came To Do It” on iTunes and Spotify*