The Cult

Photos by Megan Moss

Photos by Megan Moss

By Clare McCabe

Artist: The Cult

Date / Venue: Monday November 21st, 2016 - The Powerstation, Auckland

Oh yes. The Cult. Welcome back to New Zealand guys. And what a perfect venue to play – the good old Powerstation. The place is packed out on a lovely sunny Monday evening. Sold-out? I suspect so. 

And here comes Ian, all in black and with his dark sunglasses firmly in place. They burst onto the stage and straight into Wild Flower. Ian shakes his tambourine and dances as only he can. Hands are raised in the air. Billy hangs to one side on the Gretsch. "You’re an angel, baby… " sings Ian, and the crowd sing along.

Rain is up next and Ian’s voice is really warming up now. Mr Tempesta keeps the beat on drums out back and ooh look, there’s a long-haired guy playing keyboards tonight. Mr Fox is certainly adding an extra layer to some of our favourites, in between playing his guitar. 

The tambourine adds a certain flavour that we haven’t heard in awhile. Billy is a huge fan of solos mid-song. The wonderfully melancholy Hinterland gets an airing. And crowd fave, Li’l Devil

Loving the tone of Billy’s guitar this evening. Rock n roll at it’s finest. Deeply Ordered Chaos comes out and guys, it sounds tight live. Great addition to the setlist. And super intense.

Then, is that, yes, freakin' Sweet Soul Sister. Preach it Ian. Come on Little Honey…

"Thank you kindly," says Ian. And swings into Fire Woman. The tunes are coming thick and fast and that voice is nailing it. The crowd back him up on each song. And Billy’s guitar wails.

But wait, there’s more. She Sells Sanctuary is thrown in for good measure. Everyone knows this gem. And they are showing their enthusiasm. 

And then we’re on the encore and the night is nearly over. Here comes the excellent heaviness of G.O.A.T. followed by the mighty Love Removal Machine. What an end to a great night. We all leave with the lyrics still ringing in our ears: Baby, baby, baby, I fell from the sky…

Thanks for a blinding evening boys, enjoy your Australia dates and remember you promised a return visit… Oh and extra points for the excellent merch.