Pitch Black release single 'Without The Trees' - videos & remixes

Pitch Black have announced the 3rd single off their latest album 'Filtered Senses', the ambient track 'Without the Trees'.

This time the focus is on the Tom Cosm remix. Tom took it upon himself to remix the track live on twitch.tv, he streamed the whole 30 hour creative process, from beginning to end, with viewers in the chat room being able to comment and participate on the way the track was developing, but he then went on to interview Angus McNaughton from Auralux Mastering, who mastered it, and Mike Hodgson from the band as well. (You can watch the entire process here http://tinyurl.com/tomcosm) While Tom was doing his remix publicly, Nelson based tech house producer Gene K was deep in the privacy of his studio producing the another remix.

They've bundled them together with the original, and are happy to announce you can buy them all from today - https://pitchblack.bandcamp.com

Of course, Pitch Black aren't content to release just audio, here are two videos,
One for the album version :

And a remix of the video for Tom Cosms

Pitch Black Live Dates:

Northern Bass - Mangawhai - 30th December 2016
Rhythm and Alps - Wanaka - 31st December 2016
Luminate - Nelson - 4th February 2017
Splore - Tapapakanga Park - 17th February 2017
YOT Club - Raglan - 3rd March 2017
Sundasie - Waihi - 10th March 2017