Candice Milner announces the release of 'Evergreen'

Candice Milner is a young folk musician the port town of Lyttelton, Christchurch.

Inspired by the country & folk music forming around her at Lyttelton Records and by international musicians like Courtney Barnett, bringing their own versions to folk music, Candice's album'Evergreen' is an eclectic mix of Folk, Country and Rock-Pop. 

She may only be 17, but Candice has been singing from the heart for a good many years.
At 15 and coping with the death of her grandmother, Candice wrote 'Helping Hands' a song she donated to Canteen to raise funds for cancer awareness.

''I didn't want to just write it and not have any purpose come out of it.’’ explains the young singer.
Milner then wrote 'Run For It' and was placed 1st on's "Wildcard Chart" in June 2015. 

She then began working with Ben Edwards at the Sitting Room in hopes of recording a full album, representing the youthful time of her life and the way her musicality and genre had been changing.  The project did indeed develop into a full album and 'Run For It' will be the first track from “Evergreen”.

Playing support for Greg Johnson earlier this year was an exciting experience leading on to her organising a national tour to support the release of her debut album.

Evergreen is released November 11th followed by a national tour.

Evergreen Tour Dates
Nov 11 Wunderbar Lyttelton
 Nov 12 Dunedin Dog With Two Tails *
Nov 16 Auckland Wine Cellar
Nov 19 Wellington Bodega
 Nov 20 Christchurch Naval Point Lyttelton (Family friendly show)

Tickets via Under The Radar  (except* door sales only)