Skux debuts video for 'On Her Way'

Skux is Ayisha Jaffer in her new project, spawned musically from a love of punk and a life-long admiration of the riot grrl movement. With the material co-written with Dan Walker of The Death Set, Jaffer performs the work with her band between New Zealand and New York.

Skux's debut release came in the form of a two-track, double A-side single titled The Two Sides of She which was premiered on Noisey August 5th 2016. The A1 Side 'On Her Way' was an instant hit on New Zealand Alt radio with the single peaking at #1 on the official Radioscope Alt Charts and was added to Spotify's viral chart "New Music Friday" as well as "Weekend Buzz", and "Fresh Finds". 

Musically and lyrically, Skux explores different states of mind to empathize with her listeners, and the two tracks that make up The Two Sides of She are as strikingly contrasted in vibe as calm waters to raw vitriol. 'More Than 10 Things' is based off the 90’s classic film, 10 Things I Hate About You, but delivered with a twist, while 'On Her Way' is a narrative based around a traveling woman in both work and in adventure. “Both tracks are very different but let's be real... sides, both are you, her, me, she”, Jaffer explains.
“I wanted to make something that portrayed my states of purgatory that others can relate to I'm sure and use my roots that lie in straight punk and are inspired by the riot grrrl movement a bit growing up. Writing with Dan Walker of The Death Set, a group that I think is some of the most raw punk out there was the perfect fit in creating this project. Skux as.”

"I only had one request for this music video and it was that we do fluffy bunny. Marshmallows are obviously thematic in this video and I will leave their purpose to the interpretation of the viewer. I more than admire the beautifully bizarre music videos of the 80s and 90s that don't make a ton of sense on paper, are super metaphorical, and highly entertaining. This video is an ode to that along with a slapstick sense of humor, and all the mysteries of Scooby Doo wrapped up into one. We made this very DIY styles with tons of help from friends donating their time kidnapping, eating marshmallows, and partying with us. It was a very hard day, but it was done all in one day. The concept was conceptualised in an international food court. Hunger is the key to creativity. Fun fact, marshmallows aren't actually that hard to get out of the carpet. Where are we on to way to? I guess y'all can decide."