Thomas Oliver shares acoustic version of Silver Scroll-winning song 'If I Move To Mars'

Thomas Oliver.png

Today (Fri, 21st October) Thomas Oliver reveals a raw acoustic rendition of his song 'If I Move To Mars'. Thomas appears in an accompanying video created by Terry Longley, armed with only an acoustic guitar and his sweet, soulful voice to recreate this well-loved song to its stripped-back original form.

“This song existed as a live solo acoustic song on quite a few stages around the world before it was an RnB-infused production on the airwaves, so it feels like going back and letting more people in on what it was when it was first born,” says Oliver of the arrangement.

'If I Move To Mars' was the first burst of new material released by the Wellington-based singer-songwriter and Weissenborn player in October last year. Thomas was recently awarded the APRA AMCOS Silver Scroll award for the song at the 2016 ceremony, held last month at Auckland’s Vector Arena.

Thomas is currently spending time in Los Angeles, before moving onto Nashville at this end of this month for more co-writing sessions.

Thomas reflects on his time so far: “I've been spending time hanging out at the Folk Music Centre, the Harper family music store in Claremont. I'm so deeply influenced by Ben Harper and his story that the store feels very familiar, like I have been there many times before. It is a true honour to have been invited to come and spend time with their family here in LA, and it's a part of my own story that I'll never forget.”