Sacha Vee releases new single 'Stoncecold' and announces album

After taking Europe by storm, Kiwi singer-songwriter Sacha Vee is back on home turf with a banging new single ‘Stonecold’ and an upcoming album Luminous that firmly reinforces her place on the global stage.
The New Zealand-born sensation has spent the last few years making a name for herself around the world. While in Amsterdam, she teamed up with Dutch producers Killing Skills and Chef Red and released two EPs with BBE Records, Rising One (2015) and Ging Mix Remix EP (2016). Her collaboration with Polish hip-hop luminary O.S.T.R. produced 3 hit singles, 2 x double platinum albums and more than 20 million views on YouTube.
The accolades and achievements have continued to roll in, including a finalist spot in the hugely popular Voice of Holland, critically-acclaimed collabs with some of the hottest producers in Europe and support slots for big names like Jhene Aiko, G-Eazy and Shapeshifter.

Sacha Vee’s distinctive voice and vibe has pushed beyond the traditional boundaries of genre, seamlessly blending drum ‘n’ bass, hip-hop, jazz, electronic and everything in between.
Today, she gives us a taste of the hard grind that’s been going on behind studio doors, with her new single ‘Stonecold’. It’s a sassy tune full of attitude that showcases Vee’s unbridled talent, made in collaboration with Dutch producer Wantigga (Roche Musique).
While living in Amsterdam Vee was called in to work with Wantigga at the Red Bull Studio and this little gem was the result after a day’s work. "Never met Wantigga before... he played me some beats and I just started singing... "she goes ugh, she goes ugh" and the rest just flowed really quickly."
‘Stonecold’ sets the scene for her new album LUMINOUS, which will be released on November 25, 2016. Considered her magnum opus, the record is the culmination of life experience, travel, culture and determination.
Produced by Dutch extraordinaire -I.N.T. (Stones Throw/Brownswood Recordings) LUMINOUS is a thumping blend of neo-soul inspired beauty, which marks the next step in the remarkable journey that’s so far taken Sacha Vee from Christchurch to the world.